Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowy Night In

Hey there everyone. Today it has snowed a good ten feet, so I'm spending a Saturday night in. Everyone loves a good party but once in a while its good to let your body have a little break. Some detox time. Pick a feel good movie. When ever I'm down, bored, or need some help relaxing there are two movies I turn to. Legaly Blond and 10 Things I Hate About You. I know it sounds dumb but they just make me feel good. And I'm sure you have a movie like that too, one that just makes you feel warm inside and brings a smile to your face still even after youve seen it a hundred times. Or if you have a t.v. show that you like find out what time its going to be on and plan the night around that.

Now these ideas can be for a night alone or a girls night in. Heres when I would recomend:

Pick a room in the house and turn it into a miny spa for you and the girls, if your going to catch on on some me time split your spa into two rooms. One to relax and the other with a tub! Get some bath salts and spend an hour just loungin in warm water.

Candles-these little fire hazzards are an instant relaxer. For nights where Ineed them for parties I normally get some from a dollar store. They have scented ones and thought they dont last for 60+ hours like the expesive ones I can get a bunch cause you only need them for one night. Spread them around your spa as need and light up! Then turn off the lights, youll feel tension melt away instantly.

Masks- now these little buggers dont have to be expensive. Most have the same stuff in them. When stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart have clearence sales grab a bottle as long as its cheap. Of if you want to be homie, heres a recipie that I like for the winter.

1/4 of an apple
1/2 tsp Half and half
1 Tsp honey
1 T oatmeal

Mix it all together with a fork. Put it it in the fridge till your ready to use it. Apply it to your face, leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes then wash it off and pat dry. This makes enough for one person, multiply it for how many friends your going to have.

Dont forget to wash your face before hand. After applying if your not to busy gosiping with the girls, lay back and relax. Breath deep and close your eyes.

Nails- have all of your guests bring a bottle of nail polish. Then everyone can choose one they like and give eachother manis and petties. What girl dosent love to be pampered.

Other little ideas:

  • give yourself a deep conditioning hair treatment

  • lather yourself slowly with a really thick body cream

  • curl up with a great bottle of wine

  • always have books and magazines handy

  • take a super long hot shower

  • make a snack tray to last the whole night. try and keep it to health stuff though this way you wont feel guilty for eating the whole thing. :) assorted veggies and fruits with some cheese and crackers is great.

  • make a playlist on your iPod of songs that make you feel good, all mellow relazing songs.

  • invest in a nice soft robe. they last forever and really dont cost that much.

These are just some ideas to help get you started on your spa night that will help relax you from a long week, either by yourself or with your friends.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do's & Don'ts Of Club Night

So, my first blog. Ahh where to start? Well seeing as I have no current requests, I dont really know what to talk about.
So its Thursday! Club night! Very excited. Lets go over some club dos for winter.
Yes, dresses are very sexy, expecially in the dim light were you flaws are pretty much nonexistent. God knows that I love how skinny my legs look in the dark with the flashing lights, but just casue you can dosent mean you should. Its twenty below out here in Michigan ladies! Do not let me catch another one of you walking down the side of the road in the snow wearing heels and mini skit with a tank top. Do you understand. During the winter wear some jeans, a cute pair of sneakers, and if you really must, a thicker tanktop. If you have to walk a large distance to get to the club go a head and call a cab. I mean youve already invested quiet a bit into the night: drinks-$20, sexy clothes-$50, cover charge-$8. Whats another five dollars for the ride huh? If you opt for the cab you can always wear the heels!
Side note: don't be one of those girls that spend too much time getting ready. Whats the point in spending hours getting your sexy eyes on and puting the perfect waves in your hair when your going to go into a dark room and get all sweaty. After twenty minutes of being dry humped by some big guy you dont know your eyeliner is going to be running down your face from the sweat and your soft sexy waves, well there gonna be strings and tangles of a sloppy wet mop. Go simple! Put your hair up in a cute pony or leave it down with a poof in the front. And leave the make up simle and light. Let your pores breath! After all, and I cant stress this enough, you are going to be in a dark room! And on top of that, the guys are all gonna be drunk! You could be Beyonce for all they know.
Dont forget to put on lots of moisturizer before you apply your make-up as well as the next moring when you wake up. Alcohol dries your body out and can damage your skin. Thats why when you wake up from a great party you look horrible and your skin is really red.
Remember ladies, never leave your drink alone, dont take drinks from men that you arnt AT the bar with and you see the bartender make, and always stick with your ladies!

Well thanks for reading, don't be afraid to ask me anything! Well open it up for discussion. :)

Love, Pink Dog